About Gemmo Forest

On overhead view of the Gemmo Forest in Keene, New Hampshire

Why a forest?

In a forest, each entity has a place and purpose. Step into a forest, and you are invited to remember your place, your purpose. Simply walking its pathways, slows your breath and heart rate. You are reminded of your unique essence and inner wisdom.

The Gemmo Forest, in Keene, New Hampshire, offers this and more. Like forests since the beginning of time, their presence and products support emotional and physical health and well-being with food, shelter, and medicine. The Keene Gemmo Forest will do the same for all who live within or visit the Monadnock region.

With the principles of permaculture as a guide, the planting of Gemmo trees, shrubs, and crops, mimics the naturally occurring polycultures on the land. In this model of biodiversity, we strive to meet the criteria for regenerative agriculture. We are committed to minimizing soil disturbance, maximizing plant diversity, keeping our soil covered, and maintaining root systems.

The Gemmo Forest is a living, breathing model of co-creation between the land and all of its inhabitants. This cultivated intentional forest serves as a community classroom to promote proactive healthcare and allow for the local production of extracts.

A New Paradigm Beckons

We see a new paradigm emerging and believe you do as well. It arrives with an invitation to look within for answers, strengthen your connection with self, and co-create with nature and nature beings. In this new paradigm, we recognize that you are whole and complete and that healing begins with remembering and acting on what you already know to be true.

We aim to provide access to a means of self-sufficient well-being to the individual that will, in turn, foster healthy, vibrant communities. The Gemmo Forest in Keene, New Hampshire, offers seasonal experiential learning opportunities and locally produced extracts. We will share all the land teaches us.

This Gemmo Forest may be the first, but it won’t be the only. We aspire for it to be a source of inspiration to you and future generations. Whether it’s an urban setting or a rural landscape that you call home, you can create a Gemmo Patio, Garden, or forest, and we can help. Let us usher in this new paradigm together. Join our community and learn more about coming workshops on designing and caring for backyard Gemmo plantings, bud picking, and extract preparation.

Mutualism is the way

As we shift into this new paradigm, we are being asked to shed ideas that no longer serve us. We will be invited to let go of the identity of the rugged individuals and embrace the fact that we are deeply interdependent beings. It’s not through competition but mutualism that our collective future is secured.

Shifting our gaze to see our dependence is the only path that leads to true independence. The Forest embodies this deep wisdom and teaches us how to be strong and giving like Mother Trees, yet simultaneously reliant on the hidden microscopic fungi. Forests teach us that there is no whole without the sum of its parts.